RUMlog2Go - Updated to version 2.0.7

Thomas Lindner (DL2RUM), the developer of RUMlog, RUMped and Relais, has released the latest version of his iOS logger RUMLog2Go.

Now at version 2.0.7, RUMLog2Go provides a full-capability logger on iOS for use with the iPad and iPhone platforms. Among the features are:

  • Share a single log file between RUMlog and RUMlog2Go
  • ADIF Import/Export
  • Integrated DX Cluster
  • Support for eQSL upload/download (iPad only)
  • Rig control using Pigtail hardware (iPad only)
  • Many more features detailed here

RUMLog2Go is available for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store

Information about Tom's other software for iOS and OS X is available at RUMSoft's website.

Contest Software Overview

The major HF contest season is upon us, and I wanted to take a few moments to do a quick review of different contest logging software available to users of OS X. Whether you are a serious or casual contester, or someone who is just getting started with contesting, there is a logger that can meet your specific needs.

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