Coax Line for iOS version 2.80 now available

Coax Line from Federico Romano, IW2MVI is a simple and fast app that allow you to calculate the loss of your coax line and calculate power output from your antenna system.  Select your coax from up to 80 different types, specify coax length, your antenna gain, frequency, SWR and power and the app will give you:

  • Matched Loss
  • SWR Loss
  • Total loss in db and watts
  • Power in antenna
  • System Power Out
  • System Efficiency
  • Electrical Length

Coax Line also provides some helpful information on cable features, like:

  • Outer diameter
  • Bending radious
  • Velocity Factor
  • Impedence

Coax Line for iOS is ideal for calculating coax loss and antenna output while operating on the go, or improving your coax and antenna system at home.

What’s New in Version 2.80

  • Handle antennas with negative”gain”
  • Show total loss percentage

Coax Line for iOS is available for download on the Apple App Store for $0.99